Weak as i am


We are a rock cover band and bring you old and new rock songs.
Played loud and played with passion!

  • Sabine van der Loos - Vocals
  • Arnold Schrier - Bass
  • Jan-Willem Haasnoot - Guitar
  • Bouke Schoneveld - Guitar
  • Marc van Rijn - Drums

The band Refill is around for quite some time now. Jan-Willem and Arnold are two of the founding members of the band, who are still playing with Refill today. Refill has known a few talented previous members, but when Marc and Bouke joined the band a few years ago, Refill really progressed.

In 2014 our singer Marrianne quit the band. Refill became a band without vocals. Despite the fact that we were an incomplete band, we kept on playing. We wanted to keep the band alive and of course our friendship. Although it sometimes seems that Marc and Bouke can't stand each other, we know better....

In 2016 we finally completed our band again. Refill welcomed Sabine van der Loos on vocals. Sabine completes the band with her raw, rocking voice.

Now, Refill sounds better than ever and we are ready to rock the stages!

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